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Community Reflection & Learning: COVID-19 and Racial Disparities

Join small groups on Zoom to engage in learning and reflection with this incredible new resource, “What has COVID-19 Revealed About Racial Disparities? Resources for Communal Reflection,” created by members of the BJ community Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee.

BJ’s year of learning about shemita calls on us to reimagine our community and society in ways that will enhance equity for all. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated and exposed many inequities in U.S. society. Before we can begin to reimagine or take action, we need to examine honestly where we are now.

There are three different modules examining the effects of COVID-19 on health disparities, educational disparities, and mass incarceration across racial groupings. Each module consists of two sessions that will be co-facilitated. 

This program will provide a grounding for our work in this shemita year.

BJ members are welcome to sign up for one, two, or all three of the modules in any order they choose:

Healthcare Module

  • Option 1: Wednesdays December 1 and 8 at 4:00-5:30PM (facilitated by Debra Kalmuss & Susan Thal)
  • Option 2: Mondays December 13 and 20 at 7:00-8:30PM (facilitated by Rochelle Friedlich & Judith Tractenberg) 

Education Module

  • Option 1: Thursdays December 2 and 9 at 11:00AM-12:30PM (facilitated by Jane Gronau & Elaine Klein)
  • Option 2: Wednesdays December 15 and 22 at 7:30-9:00PM (facilitated by Betty Jane Jacobs & Susan Miller)

Mass Incarceration Module

  • Option 1: Sundays December 5 and 12 at 10:30AM-12:00PM (facilitated by Judith Plaskow & Ryan Brenner)
  • Option 2: Tuesdays December 7 and 14 at 7:30-9:00PM (facilitated by Linda Thal & Ira Wolfman)

Written By Kiana Davis

Kiana Davis is the Social Action/Social Justice manager at BJ. She previously worked at the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center as a Policy Analyst and Public Benefits Advocate, and at t...

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