BJ Mindfulness Retreat in Nature 2020

January 19-26, 2020

A Mindfulness Retreat in Nature
Past Participants’ Impressions
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La Montaña Azul Center
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A Mindfulness Retreat in Nature

Is multitasking taking a toll on your daily life? Join Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein and an amazing team for a week of simple living in the rich ecology of the Costa Rica rainforest at the La Montaña Azul Center—with its rustic elegance and fine organic cuisine.

We’ll explore Jewish mindfulness practice to connect more deeply with our soul, our truest values and God’s creation, of which we are an integral part.

Each day we’ll pray, meditate, set kavanah (intention), practice integrative body movement, bear witness to local social initiatives, and experience nature. While this is not a silent meditation retreat, we will engage in daily periods of silence and reflection.

Past Participants’ Impressions

The retreat is an opportunity to step out of day to day life into a sacred space to experience and explore Jewish spirituality through prayer, mindfulness and community. The retreat provided me with a greater understanding of the interconnection of prayer, presence, text and action and their value to my day to day life. — Scott Weiner, CR14

I have been on many retreats and trips to Central America. This was profoundly powerful and amazing. I have never been part of anything like it. I am grateful to be a part of building this type of Judaism. — Rabbi Brent Spodek, CR16

This retreat has been transformational, awe-inspiring, and spirit-sensational. — Meryl Zegarek, CR16

The best gift you can give yourself and others around you. Rejuvenating and enlightening. — Karen Gorstayn, CR19

The retreat was like going to a spa for the body and the soul. My week on the Mindfulness Retreat left me with a profound sense of well-being. Each person in our group achieved a sense of oneness with nature, with each other, and with our deep, inner selves. This week was a treasure! — Marjorie Vandow, CR19

It’s an awakening of different aspects of self, in the context of one’s own current issues via mindfulness in a Jewish context. You laugh, you cry, you come home with things to chew on. — Leslie Verter, CR19


Watch Videos of Past Retreats

Click here to view the videos from the 2013, 2014, and 2016 Mindfulness Retreats.


La Montaña Azul Center

 La Montaña Azul Center
La Montaña Azul Center is located in a private ecological sanctuary in Costa Rica, bordering the Chirippo National Park at an altitude of 1400 meters (4200 ft). The Center is enveloped by beautiful gardens, meadows and orchards, graced with pristine clear water, and surrounded by majestic primal forests and rivers. The amazing variety of birds, butterflies and flowers cannot but open the heart of each visitor.Our group will have exclusive use of the Center, which offers a variety of accommodations with private bathrooms. We encourage you to share rooms or cabins so that more people can attend.


Price and Travel Information

Prices are per person for seven days and include tuition, room and board, land transportation and nature experiences. Air transportation is not included. Please schedule your flight to arrive at the San Jose Airport before noon on Sunday, January 19. We will travel together to the Center by bus.



Palomar: Single occupancy $3080bathroom downstairs
Circulo: Double occupancy $2805
Pequena:  Single occupancy $2970small room with private bathroom
Quetzal:  Double occupancy $2915
Tangara: Double occupancy $2805
Nido:Single occupancy$2970small single room with a shared bathroom
Amantes: $2970 (single)
$2500 (double)
call for information
Yoga Platform: Double occupancy $1705 call for information

Most accommodations are double occupancy. There are a limited number of single occupancy rooms available upon request.


How to Register

For more information or to register, please email Kristen Kersey or call 212-787-7600 x255.

Special thank you to Matias Saragusti for conducting the interviews for the 2015 retreat video and to Jeremy Lerner for composing and editing, and special thank you to Toby Baldinger for providing photographs for the brochure and video.