BJ Mindfulness Retreat in Nature 2018

January 14-21, 2018
(Registration opens late June 2017)IMG_5810

A Mindfulness Retreat in Nature
Past Participants’ Impressions
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La Montaña Azul Center
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A Mindfulness Retreat in Nature

Is multitasking taking a toll in your daily life? Join us for a week of simple living in the rich ecology of the Costa Rica rainforest at the La Montaña Azul Center—with its rustic elegance and fine organic cuisine.

We’ll explore Jewish mindfulness practice to connect more deeply with our soul, our truest values, and God’s creation, of which we are an integral part.

Each day we’ll pray, meditate, set kavanah (intention), practice integrative body movement, bear witness to local social initiatives, and experience nature. While this is not a silent meditation retreat, we will engage in daily periods of silence and reflection.

Teachers: Marcelo Bronstein, Sol Gonzalez, and local nature guides.

Past Participants’ Impressions

The retreat to Costa Rica was a new way for me to learn about myself through meditation, Jewish learning, and movement in a beautiful tropical setting and through the leadership of our Rabbis Bronstein and Cowan. It was an experience well beyond my expectations. Anybody open to personal change and growth will benefit from this experience. — Harvey Newman, CR14

This retreat exceeded my expectations in every way. For over 50 years I have been searching to understand God. I have been trying, but I was only trying in my head. Rachel and Marcelo taught me how to quiet my mind, open my heart and that is where I found God in a new and profound way. This retreat was a blessing, a joy and a privilege. It openend my heart and gave me simple tools to bring home with me. The secret sauce lies within me! — Robin Bernstein, CR15

The BJ Retreat was a transformative experience. A week in “paradise”, Montana Azul, where we were, cared for by a loving staff. They prepared outstanding meals that were better and better each day. The program of meditation, mindfulness, prayer and body movement revived my body and soul. Marcelo and Rachel were our guiding and loving leaders who made a week of closeness, love and trust. — Sheila Bleckner, CR15

I have been on many retreats and trips to Central America. This was profoundly powerful and amazing. I have never been part of anything like it. I am grateful to be a part of building this type of Judaism. — Rabbi Brent Spodek, CR16

This retreat has been transformational, awe-inspiring, and spirit-sensational. — Meryl Zegarek, CR16

At the beginning I didn’t want to come. I am a banker, I relate to numbers and deals, this was a present for my wife. I thought that I was not going to get anything out of it. But now after the retreat, I can say that I have gotten out of this experience so much that is unbelievable. It has been transformative. I have discovered places in my soul that I didn’t even know existed. — Nahum Precel, CR17


 Watch Videos from Past Retreats

Click here to view the videos from the 20132014, 2015, and 2016 Mindfulness Retreats.


La Montaña Azul Center

 La Montaña Azul Center
La Montaña Azul Center is located in a private ecological sanctuary in Costa Rica, bordering the Chirippo National Park at an altitude of 1,400 meters (4,200 ft). The Center is enveloped by beautiful gardens, meadows, and orchards, graced with pristine clear water, and surrounded by majestic primal forests and rivers. The amazing variety of birds, butterflies, and flowers cannot but open the heart of each visitor. Our group will have exclusive use of the Center, which offers a variety of accommodations with private bathrooms. We encourage you to share rooms or cabins so that more people can attend.


Price and Travel Information

Prices are per person for seven days and include tuition, room and board, land transportation, and nature experiences. Air transportation is not included. Please schedule your flight to arrive at the San Jose Airport before noon on Sunday, January 15. We will travel together to the Center by bus.



Palomar: Single occupancy $2800large room, bathroom downstairs
Circulo: Double occupancy $2550
Pequena:  Single occupancy $2700small room with private bathroom
Quetzal:  Double occupancy $2650
Tangara: Double occupancy $2550
Yoga Platform: Double occupancy $1550 call for information

Most accommodations are double occupancy. There are a limited number of single occupancy rooms available upon request.


How to Register

For more information or to register, please email Kristen Kersey or call 212-787-7600 x255.

Special thank you to Matias Saragusti for conducting the interviews for the 2015 retreat video and to Jeremy Lerner for composing and editing, and special thank you to Toby Baldinger for providing photographs for the brochure and video.