Adar II

Purim takes us on a journey from darkness to light: a story of existential threat and potential annihilation of the Jewish people gives way to a holiday of ultimate merriment. During the extra month of Adar I granted to us by the Jewish leap year—we explored how antisemitism, the darkness of Purim, remains present in our world today. We learned with Roberta Kaplan and Karen DunnRabbi Jill Jacobs and Yair Rosenberg, Eric Ward, and more.

Entering Adar II, our preparation for Purim takes on a different tone. This month, we celebrate the miracles of Purim with ora vesimha (light and joy). Our timidity and fear is transformed; we emerge in beautiful and outrageous celebration of all that we are, and let our true light shine. We heard from award-winning food historian Michael Twitty about how the complexities of identity can be a source of delight. We will bring light into the lives of others by creating matanot le’evyonim (gifts for the poor). And we will celebrate in true BJ fashion with fun, affirmation, pride, and joy!