Our History and Vision

For nearly two centuries BJ has been at the forefront of American Jewish life. As we move into our third century, our vision is focused on the spiritual work of transformation, on creating a Jewish spiritual path that feels authentic and profound—and that helps every person seek and live his or her purpose.

Our members and spiritual leaders share a vision of a diverse, dynamic and welcoming community that offers many paths to Jewish prayer and supports one another in our spiritual quests. We are committed to honoring tradition while reimagining and innovating our practices to be more accessible and relevant to 21st century Jews and their families.

BJ’s proud history can be seen as a continuum of social justice; in the 1960s we hosted activists like Eleanor Roosevelt, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. In 2015, BJ invited Syrian refugee and activist Amin Ahmed, Jewish Studies Professor Susannah Heschel, and Albanian President Nishani, whose country sheltered Jews during World War II. For more about BJ’s history, click here.

Our Vision

Where are you?

Are you looking for a diverse, dynamic community that offers many paths to prayer and practice, myriad ways to pursue peace and justice for your community and for the world, and a truly transformative Jewish experience?

If so, the answer to our question should be, I am here. You belong at BJ, finding and living your own, unique purpose and helping us write the next chapter of our sacred journey.