Rental FAQs

Come celebrate at BJ! Please see below for a list of FAQs. If you have any further questions, please contact Davia.

When can deliveries happen for a private event?

All items for Friday night and/or Saturday must be delivered between 12:00pm-3:00PM Friday. No deliveries can take place on Saturday.

What caterer can I use? Can I bring homemade favors?

The rules of kashrut are strictly observed at all of BJ’s spaces. While you’re welcome to choose from any kosher caterer, please let us know in advance to make sure the caterer is approved to operate within BJ. Please contact Davia if you would like a list of recommended kosher caterers.

We understand your family’s desire to have something homemade, however, we do not allow food made in your kitchen to be brought into BJ.

Can I serve wine?  What about a little bit for the blessing?

If you would like to serve wine your caterer must have liquor liability insurance as well as a bartender. If you wish to only serve wine for the kiddush blessing you must have personal liquor liability insurance and show this proof before your event. BJ assumes no liquor liability responsibility for your event.

What spaces are available for private event rental and what type of events can they be used for? Can I reserve multiple spaces? 

Here at BJ we have a number of spaces well suited for a variety of events, from small gatherings, to large parties of 350 people, to lectures with up to 700 attendees. Suitable events include weddings, b’nai mitzvah, baby namings, corporate events, lectures, meetings, and more. Rooms are available at both our 88th Street and 89th Street locations.

88th Street:
Frankel Hall

89th Street:
Reception Room
Middle Room
Community House Gym

Are rentals available for members only?

Rentals are available for both members and non-members.

How much does each space cost?

Pricing varies based on the size of the space and the length of time it is used. Contact Davia to discuss the details of your specific event.

Does BJ provide decorations? Can I bring my own decorations?

BJ can provide tables and chairs for your event as well as dance floor and limited audio visual equipment. Please note that balloons, glitter, and confetti are not allowed in any of our spaces. We do not provide linens, dishes, or other kitchen supplies.

How many people can each space accommodate?

Capacity is varied depending on the type of event as well as style.