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Oh, What a Night!

The night of 100 Dinners will go down in BJ history as a terrific evening. Like so many memorable nights, the evening started with a dinner party and ended with a dance party. At 6:30PM, over 30 BJ families opened their … Continue reading »


Kippot and Kindness:
On Being a Shabbat Usher

Being an usher on Shabbat morning is both a pleasure and a privilege. For me, being an usher is first and foremost about welcoming members, guests and strangers. It is about being awake and aware. not everyone arrives at a … Continue reading »


Rabbi Matalon Speaks at Marshall T. Meyer Exhibit and Conference in Montreal

In the dual role of spiritual leader at B’nai Jeshurun and disciple of Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer, Rabbi Matalon took to the podium on April 24 as the keynote speaker at a University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) lecture series focusing on issues … Continue reading »


Finding A Voice in the Chain

Pirkei Avot begins by describing how the Torah was first received, and how it began to be transmitted to others: “Moshe received the Torah from Sinai and transmitted it to Yehoshua, and Yehoshua transmitted it to the Elders…” Each person … Continue reading »


Afternoon Visit (Sestina)

The slow and steady lever of the sun turned branches into peacocks by the window. The fires across the sky pulled blue and yellow from grass and pines; a tilting cypress bole pulled purple in reply. We spoke of Hebrew, … Continue reading »


The Meaning of Speaking During Eleh Ezkerah

Telling stories. Recalling from memory. There is so much relevance and meaning in these actions, both for the one recounting the events and for the one listening. Traditionally, the Musaf service of Yom Kippur includes Eleh Ezkerah (“These I Recall”), … Continue reading »


The Value of Your Legacy

From time to time, BJ gets a call from a lawyer telling us that a member who recently died left a bequest to BJ in their will. Sometimes the gift is modest; sometimes it is large, but rarely are we aware of … Continue reading »


We Love Our New Colleagues!

In the last issue of Kol Hadash, we introduced three new staff members to you. We are pleased to introduce three more BJ employees who have joined our staff since the fall: Jessica Cavanagh- Melhado, Sandra Ghiorzo and Peter Banachowski. They … Continue reading »


Enjoying the View: Perspectives on 66 Years of the State of Israel

There is a beautiful place at Hebrew University on Mount Scopus that overlooks the Old City and an Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem. It almost feels like you can see forever. In 1991, as an overseas student at Hebrew University, I … Continue reading »


Improving Elder Care and Jobs for Workers: Dialogue as a Starting Point for Action

By 2030, one in five New Yorkers will be over 60 years old.1 The age wave created by increased life expectancy, combined with the impact of geographic dispersion of extended families and more women in the workforce, means our country is … Continue reading »


Connecting with People, Places and Time: The BJ Family Israel Trip

It was Summer 2007. In a sea of white clothing, I joined more than 60 participants of the BJ Israel Trip dancing until our feet were sore and singing until our throats were dry, as we brought a new Torah for … Continue reading »


An Element Called BJ: The Third Act

“I use the term ‘The Element’ to describe the place where the things we love to do and the things we are good at come together. I believe it is essential that each one of us find his or her … Continue reading »


Spiritual Vitamins

I was rather surprised when a friend with a strong Jewish background and long connections with Judaism told me that she learned more about spiritual practice from Eastern traditions than from her own. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised … Continue reading »


On Tu Bishvat: Considering the Line Between Stewardship and Dominion

Though Rosh Hashanah is long behind us, we are approaching another type of Rosh Hashanah in January: “Rosh Hashanah L’Ilan”, the “New Year of the Trees” which is the source in rabbinic literature for the holiday of Tu Bishvat. Just … Continue reading »


Wrestling with Shabbat

Observing a day of rest is not easy. Even if you believe that you are taking the day off, you are susceptible to the societal message to be productive. You may feel subtle pressures — often self-induced — to achieve, … Continue reading »


“Ba” is for “Baruch”

Taking an infant to her first “class” is a major rite of passage for a new parent. For me and my two-month-old daughter, Rosalie, attending Bim Bam marked that special moment. Although Rosalie was fast asleep before the session began, … Continue reading »


Share the Love: Creating Community at Home

Rav Dimi of Nehardea said: Hakhnasat orhim (the welcoming of guests) takes precedence over the beit midrash (the house of study). Rav Judah said in Rav’s name: Hakhnasat orhim (the welcoming of guests) takes precedence over welcoming the shekhina (the … Continue reading »


A New Year Means New Staff!

New services, new members, new initiatives: B’nai Jeshurun is a place of continued growth supported through partnerships between volunteer leadership and professionals. We are delighted to introduce three new BJ staff members to provide assistance and guidance for our members: … Continue reading »


Save the Date: March 8 is the Night of 100 Dinners

Be a Host! Choosing to host a dinner party might be your greatest gift to BJ. Your generous contribution of time, energy and food, in turn, encourages the generosity of your guests to BJ. And your hospitality will nourish the … Continue reading »


Finding Community at B’nai Jeshurun

When I moved to New York City two years ago for graduate school, making new friends was difficult. My days were spent in the computer lab, reading, writing, or setting up my new home. I got along well with my … Continue reading »


Welcoming New Members to B’nai Jeshurun with a Special Orientation Program

During the summer, when many of our members are happily on vacation, the BJ office is at its busiest, preparing for the High Holy Days and readying programming plans for the coming new year. Without exception, each busy volunteer and … Continue reading »


Carrying a Backpack of Bricks: An Interview With Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein

Anne Landsman, one of the members of BJ’s Inclusion Committee, and the mother of a son with dyslexia, talks to Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein about his dyslexia. ANNE: How did you first find out you were dyslexic? MARCELO: I found out … Continue reading »


The Priestly Puppet, Or How Children Daven and Learn Torah

Just as each child gently gave the Torah a kiss, a large orange puppet appeared. The children sat quietly, eagerly waiting to hear the puppet speak. The puppet, a “visiting artist-in-residence” on loan from Storahtelling, was a priest from the … Continue reading »


Follow the Leader on Shabbat Morning

Children in strollers, in arms, in baby carriers, sitting on the floor. Children singing, bouncing, dancing, laughing, listening, thinking and participating. Children taking their first steps in prayer and community, seeing their B’nai Jeshurun friends, and meeting new ones. Children … Continue reading »