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More by Rabbi Marcelo R. Bronstein

Using Jacob’s Ladder for the High Holy Days

As a psychologist and rabbi, I am moved by how Rodger Kamenetz, author of The History of Last Night’s Dream, works with dreams to discover the hidden path to the soul. Last May, when Rodger spoke at BJ, he challenged the … Continue reading »


Carrying a Backpack of Bricks: An Interview With Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein

Anne Landsman, one of the members of BJ’s Inclusion Committee, and the mother of a son with dyslexia, talks to Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein about his dyslexia. ANNE: How did you first find out you were dyslexic? MARCELO: I found out … Continue reading »


Don’t Just Do It, Do It Justice

Ten years ago, we were invited and challenged by a group of BJ members to rethink the old model of rabbinic leaders as the sole drivers and messengers of the synagogue’s core social-justice vision. Maybe it was passé for us, as … Continue reading »


When a Tomato Was a Tomato

I’ve been blessed in my life with two of the most amazing teachers you can ever have: my grandparents. I know that many of you feel the same about yours. I’ve heard your stories. Mine were extraordinary human beings. They understood … Continue reading »


Roly: Our Yedid Nefesh

It was a number of years ago when we were working on defining the spiritual foundations for social justice that Roly brought the following quote from Isaiah: “. . . I heard the voice of my God saying, Whom shall … Continue reading »


Jewish Spirituality: Far More than Prayer

Take BJ from its Rabbis’ Point of View, For Instance  By Rabbis J. Rolando Matalon, Marcelo R. Bronstein and Felicia L. Sol We appreciate Synagogue 3000 asking us to offer our understanding of BJ.  After the privilege of serving 23, 14, … Continue reading »


The Bridge

In July I had the tremendous opportunity of spending a sabbatical month in Israel. I went with a charge that I made for myself: I wanted to see the blessings; I wanted to hear the voices behind the conflicts. I … Continue reading »


Sustainable Judaism

By the grace of friendship, I recently had the blessing of participating in conversations with young professionals (not including myself in that category) about sustainability. The question on the table was: How to live a more sustainable life? Just listening … Continue reading »


The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Drama

At the age of 13, according to the Talmud, boys are obligated to fulfill the commandments. Later, this obligation was determined to commence at the age of 12 plus one day for girls. At BJ we are egalitarian, and it … Continue reading »


“Al tifrosh min hatzibur,” (Don’t distance yourself from the community) Avot 2:5

This is one of the most important teachings of Hillel the Elder in Pirkei Avot, the tractate of our Fathers. We at BJ have undertaken many initiatives during our existence to honor this mandate: to create a more intimate community. … Continue reading »


Talking Without the Mask

Interviewer: Thank you all for being here today. I know that it was not easy to accept this invitation, and some of you even hesitated before agreeing to come. This session is going to be taped, so please speak clearly … Continue reading »


Embracing the Shame Within: Our Process of Teshuvah

With the New Year approaching, Marcelo interviewed BJ member Marla Berkowitz, BJ’s Advocate-in-Residence in the area of the Jewish Deaf, about “shame” in the context of teshuvah. Question: When you think of teshuvah, what comes to mind? Marla: Why do … Continue reading »


Kashrut as a Metaphor

I think it was Robert DeNiro in one of his latest gangsters movies who, when ready to shoot the partner he thought had betrayed him, asked the victim to face him because he could not kill him as he was. … Continue reading »