Welcoming Our Newest Members

By Carol Gelles and Susan Viuker Landau | Issue Date: July 2011

BJ onsie. Photo: Denise Waxman

When Felicia gave birth to Aiden last spring, the BJ community sprang into action and provided them with three home cooked meals a week. The following is an excerpt from the thank you message from Felicia:

Several months ago when I told Yaffa that I didn’t want to receive gifts for the then baby (the now Aiden) because there would be so much excess, I suggested that aside from people making donations to the scholarship fund at BJ, I’d be happy to receive some meals. Some meals turned into 3 meals a week for 6 months …

The greatest mitzvah that could come out of this outpouring of support would be for this mitzvah to breed another mitzvah (Pirke Avot). Imagine if we had 20 new babies at BJ in the course of a year, each family could receive  a meal a week from us for a month!

I can’t thank you enough for the support and delicious meals. I hope and pray our community can respond with such love and grace with all new additions to our community.  With love and gratitude— Felicia

In response to Felicia’s vision we have formed the Meals for New and Growing Families Committee, chaired by Susan Viuker Landau and Carol Gelles. With BJ providing one Shabbat meal for the family, the committee will serve to provide two additional home-cooked meals. Volunteers to this committee can chose to either cook a full meal for the family on their own or join a cooking hevra at the BJ kitchen that will prepare the meal as a group.

As anyone who is a parent or is close to a young family knows, the first month following birth can be full of overwhelming adjustments. Join us in helping to make this time a little less hectic for the new parents by helping them relax for a Shabbat dinner filled with BJ love and food. To volunteer or for more information, please contact Susan at viukerville11@verizon.net or Carol at cgandpoppy3@hotmail.com.

We are very excited about this new endeavor and look forward to your enthusiasm, ideas, and participation. If you would like to help support this committee to purchase ingredients for these meals, please donate at www.bj.org.