The World Through the Lens of Salons

By Belinda Lasky | Issue Date: November 2010

Tiberius from Galilee, Israel Two hundred participants. Eight dynamic themes. Intimate conversations in living rooms around town. Delicious snacks. What does that add up to? During the 2009-10 season, Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein facilitated eight Beit Midrash Salons instead of teaching traditional Limud classes. His reflections on these Salons appeared midway through the year, in the December Kol Hadash.

Members who attended the Salons reflected about how much they enjoyed gathering in small groups, getting to know their fellow congregants through meaningful conversation.

Sparked by the enthusiasm of the first Salon series, this year the community can look forward to Marcelo’s Salons, which will focus on Israel. Featuring documentaries and films from Israel, these sessions will stimulate conversations about the Jewish homeland. Each of the six salons will focus on Israel in new and unexpected ways. We invite you to learn more about the salons by visiting the special section of the BJ website, where you’ll read comments from past participants and learn about the target audiences for each salon series.