Night of 100 Dinners: Let’s Honor the Hospitality Legacy of Sara and Andy Litt

By Robin Fleischner | Issue Date: Winter 2015

KH201501_page5_image2Like the avant-garde Parisian salon of Gertrude Stein where modern art was discovered and nurtured, Andy and Sara Litt’s living room was an incubator and haven for BJ. As they entered, guests could count on a good bottle of wine to spark imagination, celebrate friendship and community, or lend comfort. Protecting the delicious food from their mischievous black and white springer spaniel, Pepper, could be difficult, but she added levity to intense discussions with the rabbis about governance and other issues facing BJ.

Through their generous, warm hospitality, the Litts helped us understand the meaning of Shabbat, tzedakah and acts of loving kindness. Before Sara and Andy moved from the city and BJ returned to our Community House, the Litts’ home was an essential part of the BJ campus as they hosted countless Hebrew School Shabbat dinners, holiday cocktail parties, and Executive Committee meetings. Many of the ideas which we now consider essential elements of our mission—most notably BJ’s commitment to liberal Judaism throughout the United States and Israel—were hatched in Sara and Andy’s living room.

Although they eschew the limelight, Sara and Andy have a unique gift for bringing people together and making the large BJ community feel more intimate. Many credit the Litts with introducing them to their closest friends at BJ. During a discussion at the first BJ Women’s Retreat about a moment of feeling holy, former BJ President Sara could not articulate one particular instance. Her hevruta partner responded that was because “…[Sara] is so humble about being a tzadeket.” As for Andy, an exceptional, compassionate physician, he often appears ”heaven sent” at a BJ member’s side in the hospital to offer comfort and encouragement.

Laughter and social action go hand-in-hand at the Litt home, as they organized and hosted American Jewish World Service programs, call centers during critical political campaigns, an introduction to Israel Encounter, and other impactful events.

What could be a better way to honor the Litts and celebrate their extraordinary legacy of hospitality leading to action than hosting fellow BJ members during the Night of 100 Dinners on January 10? Let’s share friendship, laughter, good wine and community as we have done so often with Sara and Andy.

Robin Fleischner is a former Vice President on the BJ board and an attorney whose boutique law practice is dedicated to forming families through adoption, surrogacy and assisted reproduction.