Kiddushing It Up!

By Guy Felixbrodt | Issue Date: September 2012

Kiddush cup. Harriet R. GorenIs there a way I can celebrate my simha with the BJ community?”

“Of course, you can sponsor a kiddush!”

A mother who sponsored a kiddush in honor of her child becoming a bar mitzvah called me recently and told me how wonderful it was to come down to the beautifully set up room with a “table of plenty,” and to share her family’s simha with the whole community in this way. After one of the rabbis made kiddush, a family member was honored with making Hamotzi. Then everyone enjoyed the Israeli spread that was the menu for the day, including pitas, hummus and tahini, a variety of salads and wonderful desserts. The best part, she said, was schmoozing with many fellow BJ members who were there to celebrate with them.

It used to be kiddushim were planned only every other week, when Junior Congregation wasn’t held. Following the Community building Initiative a few years ago, a very clear request rose from membership—let’s hold a kiddush every single Shabbat. We responded to the logistical challenge, and we now celebrate weekly as a community with food and drinks following the Shabbat morning services at SPSA. It’s true that the space isn’t exactly the most attractive on the Upper West Side, but the setup and the community make it lively, beautiful, and tasty.

In order to make things simpler not just date wise, but also administratively, the whole process is now streamlined through the BJ office. You can even set a kiddush in process with a form on the BJ website. All the information you need is right there. You tell us about the occasion you are celebrating (bar or bat mitzvah, baby naming, aufruf, wedding anniversary, special birthday or anything else) and the date you would like to reserve, select the food, and leave the rest of the planning to us. If you prefer you can still call or email us to make the arrangements. Coordinating it through the BJ office, it should be noted, also allows the cost to be a tax deductible donation.

Sponsors are thanked in the weekly Kol Jeshurun so the rest of the community knows who is celebrating and are able to thank them for their generosity.

As a community, kiddushim allow us to come together and celebrate the goodness and abundance that we are blessed with, and also fill our bellies after sitting and concentrating for a whole morning. It is also an opportunity for members to share their joy with the community, to bask in the spirit of its loving support, to feel part of and to give back to this wonderful community.

Do you have an occasion to celebrate this year?

For more information on how to sponsor a kiddush, please visit our kiddush page or contact Guy.