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BJ Recycles

By Gil Kulick | Issue Date: October 2009

Recycling bins. Photo: Channa CaminsDo you recycle in your home?

If the answer is yes, you’ll be pleased to know that we recycle in your spiritual home too! The guidelines for recycling at B’nai Jeshurun are the same in the synagogue as they are in all New York City residences, government agencies, schools, and institutions. Recycling is critical to reducing the quantity of waste that New York City sends to landfills and incinerators, and it is the law in New York City. Because it is free to residents, recycling every day is an easy way to protect the environment and help stop global climate change.

What to recycle? Do you have a running debate about which yogurt and take-out containers to recycle in your home? Are you still turning over your plastic lunch container and wondering about the mysterious number printed on the bottom?

There is a simple rule to follow at home and at B’nai Jeshurun: Plastic and glass bottles, jars, or jugs with a narrow mouth are generally recyclable. The things you cannot recycle include take-out and yogurt containers, plastic wrap, deli and salad bar containers, plastic cups with straws, Styrofoam, paper towel, and napkins, soiled paper cups and plates. For a more complete list, please see the flier from NYC Department of Sanitation included in this Kol Hadash.

If you’re a B’nai Jeshurun regular, you’ve probably noticed blue and green recycling bins at various locations around our 88th Street building. In fact, we’ve labeled them conspicuously so that they are hard to miss. The bins are located in all the places in our 88th Street building where we’re likely to be throwing things away and should be used to dispose of any and all material that can be recycled. They come in two designer colors—blue for paper products and green for glass and plastic bottles and metal cans—and are clearly marked.

The blue bins in the sanctuary lobby should be used to recycle copies of the Kol Jeshurun and other papers distributed during services and other BJ events.

Wine and soda bottles should be deposited in the green bins located in Frankel Hall and in the sanctuary during kiddushim, onegs, Shabbat dinners, or other social events. Volunteers for the shelter or lunch program and any members utilizing the BJ kitchen should use the recycling bins in the synagogue kitchen lined with clear plastic bags.

The bins are a central element in a two-year effort, called “Greening BJ,” to make B’nai Jeshurun a model of environmental responsibility. Please help B’nai Jeshurun ensure the lasting impact of these changes. If you attend a BJ event and you can’t find the recycling receptacles please ask a member of our fabulous facilities staff.