Jewrisprudence: Frontiers of Modern Jewish Law

Wednesday, November 13 | 7:00-8:30PM | Middle Room

How is our timeless halakhic (Jewish legal) system responding to questions of Jewish law emerging from our fast-paced, open-sourced, multi-vocal, technology-saturated, and rapidly-changing world? Join Rabbi Adina Lewittes as we analyze contemporary teshuvot (rabbinic responses), study the systems of change that have maintained the relevance of Jewish observance for millennia, explore the dynamism within the boundaries of Jewish law, and learn to articulate, in the language of tradition, the commitments to observance and practice that frame your Jewish life.


The questions we’ll explore include:

  • Observing the second day of haggim outside of Israel
  • Eating in non-kosher restaurants
  • The status of non-certified cheese, wine, and gelatin
  • Is beef produced in a lab actually meat?
  • Should veal be kosher?
  • Logging onto a minyan to say Kaddish
  • The status of patrilineal Jews
  • Must a transgender woman converting to Judaism undergo a circumcision?
  • Cremation in Jewish law
  • Train, Planes, and Automobiles: Transportation on Shabbat

And many more current halakhic questions. Suggestions are always welcome!


November 14 Topic:

Defining Parenthood: Does the child born to a female same sex multifaith/multiheritage couple require conversion to Judaism if the spouse who carries the child is not Jewish?