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Mini Mensches

Thursdays, Beginning September 12 | 4:00PM | Community House 4th Floor

Social Emotional Learning through Jewish Stories

The word mensch in yiddish means a person with integrity and honor. In this class, children will learn key Jewish values like how to care for others and to be a peacemaker in the world. These values will be explored through Biblical stories and characters, art projects, drama, and other interactive activities.  This class is for children ages 3-5. Caretakers are required to be present (i.e. this is not a drop off class).

The cost for the fall term is $118 for members and $300 for non-members. 

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Questions? Email Makai, our family educator, or call him at 212-787-7670 (x248). 

Upcoming Dates: September 19, October 17, October 24, October 31, November 7, November 14, November 21, December 5, December 12, December 19