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From Selihot to Neilah: Navigating the High Holy Days

Tuesday, September 17 | 6:30PM | Location Given Upon Registration

Join Rabbinic Fellow Margo Hughes-Robinson for a ReGroup session in preparation for the Yamim Nora’im, the Jewish High Holy Days. Ever wondered why we throw breadcrumbs in the Hudson, or get up early for Selihot? Why do we get down on the ground to pray on Rosh Hashanah? This session will provide an overview of High Holy Day services and rituals, as well as an exploration of their deeper spiritual meaning.


About ReGroup:

Are you seeking a Jewish home for your spiritual search? Wondering what role Judaism can play in your multi-faith or multi-heritage family? Maybe you’ve completed an intensive course of Jewish learning, and are searching for a community in which to continue your journey. Want to connect with other people going through, or who have recently finished, the conversion process? ReGroup is the place for you. We’ll share our experiences building our Jewish identities and explore different ways of bringing Judaism and Jewish living into our lives.


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