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Cooking In Hebrew: A Course in Israeli Cuisine

Thursday, June 20 | 6:30-9:00 PM | Frankel Hall

Food is a world unto itself. It’s a peep-through window, a bridge between worlds and a key to different cultures. Food brings people together and opens hearts; food comforts and stimulates memories.

Cooking In Hebrew (מבשלים בעברית), is a unique workshop series sponsored by the World Zionist Organization—Department for Diaspora Activities. Throughout the meetings, participants learn to prepare traditional Israeli and Middle-Eastern kosher dishes, exposing them to Israel’s multi-cultural society, and an opportunity to improve on their Hebrew in the process. No prior knowledge of Hebrew or cooking necessary – this program is suitable for beginners and fluent Hebrew speakers alike! In each session, participants will prepare a three-course meal that relates to an upcoming event or holiday in the Jewish calendar. Throughout the class, they will learn more about Jewish culinary traditions that relate to that holiday, learn related Hebrew vocabulary, and, later, eat the meal.

The program facilitates an amiable environment—connecting people and cultures in a refreshing, interactive style through learning and joint creation. Cultural discourse nourishes the soul, while food preparation nourishes the body. The combination creates an open and safe setting for connecting individuals and communities, offering a “taste of Hebrew,” that serves as a glimpse into contemporary Israeli culture, both literary and culinary.



You can sign up for either one or two semesters, each consisting of four cooking classes, 2.5-3 hours each.

Spring semester:

Wednesday class: March 6April 10May 15June 5

Thursday class: March 7April 11May 16June 6

Cost: $180

Register by February 21

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