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Life in Three Jerusalems: East, West, and Haredi

Wednesday, May 15 | 7:00-8:30PM | Reception Room  

What does Jerusalem look like through the eyes of an Arab woman who lives in Silwan, the eyes of a Haredi man who lives in Mea Shearim, or the eyes of a couple who lives in Rehavia? Where do these visions intersect? Where do they pass by each other unknowingly? Where do they collide? How do we bring them closer together? As Jerusalem Day draws near, join Michal Sherez Shilor, the founder of 0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem, as she brings different narratives of Jerusalem residents, and the way they affect life in the city, to light. We will take a deeper look at the complexities and intricacies of the multicultural, and seemingly torn, city that has become a capital of diversity, activism, and hope.

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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem is an innovative social media platform that provides a glimpse into Jerusalem life, as it is experienced by different communities in the Arab East, Jewish West, and the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) population. Each of these three Jerusalem sectors live in separate, alternate realities. These include separate political institutions, separate school systems, separate newspapers, and even separate languages. 0202’s mission is to clear the path to understanding the way “the other” sees, understands, and interacts in everyday Jerusalem. On their website and Facebook page you can see the social discourse from the different sectors of the city, thus accessing life in the various parts of Jerusalem. This includes translated articles and social media posts from all three communities in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. In addition to their online platform, they host panels, lectures, and tours to broaden the conversation about Jerusalem, and to amplify voices normally not often heard in the mainstream media. 0202 is run by a team of 45 Jerusalemites, all student activists from different backgrounds with a passion to make the city better for all of its residents.

Michal Sherez Shilor, 29, is the founder and Chairwoman of 0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem, an initiative she began in 2015 as a result of conversations with extreme right and left-wing groups in Jerusalem’s city center. She is an avid activist who believes in learning about, and with, “the other” in order to create a Jerusalem that accepts and appreciates the differences between people and cultures.