Mindfulness Retreat Testimonials

Marcelo and Karina did a brilliant job in designing and facilitating this wonderful retreat. I commend Marcelo on his innovative integration of Judaism and contemplative practice. I learned tools that are useful to me in managing the angst in my life and a way of praying that gets me in touch with the Divine Realm. Karina’s music and warmth added a special dimension to the program. Sol Gonzalez did a masterful job of making movement a spiritual practice. The Montana Azul is a beautiful retreat center, the staff are welcoming, and the food is delicious. I recommend this retreat to anyone interested and open to exploring Jewish psycho-spiritual experiences. —Ellen Carni

[This retreat] allowed me the freedom to explore the ways I show up in the world and how I can reflect on them and tweak them. —Len David

My neshama was so well-nurtured that I could not imagine how it could have been better. Donald Goldberg

This retreat renewed and inspired me and my Jewish practice. It was a wonderful way to integrate nature, tefillah, meditation, and movement in one place. Avi Reichtman

The best gift you can give yourself and others around you. Rejuvenating and enlightening. Karen Gorstayn

The retreat was like going to a spa for the body and the soul. My week on the Mindfulness Retreat left me with a profound sense of well-being. Each person in our group achieved a sense of oneness with nature, with each other, and with our deep, inner selves. This week was a treasure! Marjorie Vandow

Marcelo and Karina led us through a week of mindful contemplation in a seamless flow of activities, quiet time, and fresh, delicious food in a breathtakingly beautiful setting high in the Costa Rican mountains. Marcy Einhorn

I came to the Mindfulness Retreat in the hope of learning the practice of meditation with like-minded people. How elated I was to hug my broken soul and feel such unexpected trust with people I came to love in such a short time. I feel renewed. Lori Lasson

It’s an awakening of different aspects of self, in the context of one’s own current issues via mindfulness in a Jewish context. You laugh, you cry, you come home with things to chew on. Leslie Verter

The BJ Mindfulness Retreat allowed me to pause, to go deeper in my spiritual practice, and to be in the presence of the Divine in the most beautiful place, with the most beautiful people. Rabbi Claudia Kreiman

The Mindfulness Retreat has opened my eyes to see that my capacity for joy is boundless. Andrea Newman

This was one of the most amazing weeks of my life! The seamless integration of mindfulness, tefillah (prayer), nature, movement, and community within a spectacular setting offered a priceless gift to my soul. Marcelo and Karina are a gifted duo! Ilana Ruskay-Kidd

Marcelo and Karina provided a loving environment in a beautiful and natural setting in which to learn a way to live in our chaotic world. Mindfulness practice is a gift to not only ourselves, but also to those we love. As we become practiced in being aware of our true self, we become available to listen to them. Diane Weisstuch

The Mindfulness Retreat has been on my “bucket list” for several years. It turned out to be beyond my expectations. Bravo to Marcelo and Karina! Marion Barak

The experience of mindfulness in nature was deep, moving, and meaningful. Trust developed among us right from the start and enabled deep, personal work and joyful togetherness. The gratitude I feel runs through me and extends to Marcelo, Karina, the group, and the beauty of nature in this gorgeous environment. Elaine Shizgal Cohen

I don’t think anything could have prepared me for how meaningful and life enhancing this experience was. Donald Goldberg