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Israeli Film Club

Tuesday, May 14 | 7:00-8:30PM | Middle Room

Join us for a five-session series, featuring five short Israeli films that were carefully chosen from dozens of prize-winning works. The films present various perspectives on key issues in Israeli society. These movies will serve as a platform for post-screening discussions, allowing participants to reflect on diverse and relevant aspects of the Israeli people, culture and politics.

This series is free of charge, but registration is required. Sign up for your preferred screening(s) via the form below.

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The upcoming meeting will feature the film Barriers.

Uri, the film’s protagonist, is a young officer in the Israeli army (IDF) who, together with two of his soldiers, serves at one of the checkpoints in Judea and Samaria. They have the authority to allow or prohibit Palestinians from the territories from entering Israel based on orders dictated from above. In the film, Uri is forced to deal with a difficult incident that occurs. On the one hand, there is a sick Palestinian girl who must go through the checkpoint in order to receive urgent medical attention. On the other hand, the soldiers have been alerted about an imminent plan to carry out a terrorist attack in Israel. Two women from the MachsomWatch organization come to the checkpoint and try and intervene. All of this confuses the protagonist and leads the drama to a surprising conclusion.

Barriers tries not to take a stand or choose a side. As portrayed in the film, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict appears to exist not only within Israeli society as a whole, but it can also divide families, and even manifest in contradictions in the soul of a single individual.

Apart from the political conflict, the film also deals with a personal, inner conflict and the relationships between people who have different perspectives on the same issue, but also have a connection with one another. The plot goes back and forth between physical barriers and emotional barriers, between political boundaries and personal boundaries, and between borders—the Green Line (the line that marks the borders of the State of Israel that existed prior to the Six Day War in 1967) and the Red Line (the moral/ethical line) which is forbidden to cross.

Written and directed by Golan Rise

Run-time: 23 minutes


Upcoming Sessions: June 4, July 2

The Beit Ha’am Films kit was created and assembled by the Department of Education at the World Zionist Organization.