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Interpretive Challah Shaping: A Masterclass with @lechlechallah

Thursday, May 9 | 7:00-9:00PM | Frankel Hall

A homemade challah is the beautiful and delicious centerpiece of the Jewish holiday table. With a few new techniques in your hands, that challah can become a midrashic masterpiece as well!

Student Rabbi Vanessa Harper (also known as @lechlechallah on Instagram) sees challah dough as an amazing artistic medium for exploring Jewish text and tradition. She teaches her methodology and shaping skills to people of all ages and artistic abilities to empower them to bring beautiful Torah to their own tables.

This masterclass will include an introduction to advanced bread shaping techniques, a text study on the themes of the Omer, and an opportunity to create an interpretive challah to take home and bake. No artistic skill required; familiarity with challah or bread making is recommended.

There is a materials fee of $18/person, space is limited to 18 participants.

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