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From Generation to Generation: A Grandparenting Series

Mondays, April 1-15 | 7:30PM | Community House
Among the blessings and burdens of multi-generational families are questions about how each generation will assume responsibility for the past, present, and future. The continuous unpacking and repacking of bundles of family memories, values, commitments, and traditions that each carries with them—that each has inherited and each seeks to bequeath—brings great hope, but often great anxiety. For grandparents, this is often an invitation for deep reflection about the legacy they wish to leave their descendants, and the boundaries that bring both closeness and respect to family life.
Join BJ’s Jewish Home Project for one, or all, of the three sessions to explore these themes with other grandparents, practitioners, and teachers in settings filled with learning, sharing, and support.


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Session 1: External Boundaries, Led by Rabbis Adina Lewittes and Shuli Passow
How do the Jewish choices our children and grandchildren make shape the legacy we seek to impart to them? Are our own Jewish lives—our sense of authenticity, and even credibility—informed by their choices? How can we continue to build a Jewish legacy as our families become ever more diverse?

Session 2: Ethical Wills, Led by BJ Member Lizzie Kraiem
Grandparents have a unique opportunity to share a legacy of family stories and values. In this session, we will learn about the Jewish tradition of making ethical wills as a place to hold and shape this legacy, with special attention to communicating with clarity and love and to overcoming typical barriers to participating in this meaningful practice.

Session 3: Internal Boundaries, Led by Rabbis Adina Lewittes and Shuli Passow
What is my role in my grandchildren’s lives? How much involvement is the right amount—for me, for them, for their parents/my children? Where does self-care figure in as I seek a deep and involved presence in their lives?