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Israeli Art and Culture Salon Series

Sunday, April 7 | 5:00-7:00PM | Location given upon registration

Remaining Dates: April 7, May 5, June 2

In this six-part salon series, BJ members will get to meet some of the most promising Israeli artists working in New York today. These musicians, visual artists, singers, and actors will perform in an intimate, home setting, drawing on an overarching theme that will shed new light on Israeli arts and culture. The series is curated by BJ’s music director Dan Nadel, and facilitated by BJ’s shaliah Moshe Samuels.

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Uri Gurvich Duo—KINSHIP

Gurvich is a critically acclaimed saxophonist and composer. Originally from Israel, he is now a resident of New York. Together with Israeli pianist Nitzan Gavrieli, he will present music from his latest project, KINSHIP. The project features his original music, as well as jazz arrangements to the music of Sasha Argov.

KINSHIP, the third release by Gurvich, follows his two previous releases for the prestigious label TZADIK. It presents original work influenced by his multicultural background (he was raised by an Argentinian immigrant family in Israel), and by his fellow immigrant musicians, with whom he has been collaborating with in New York City for the past decade.

 As much a celebration of various heritages, this project deals with tribal and familial connections between different cultures and individuals, portraying and celebrating KINSHIP in various forms.


Tal Gur 

Gur is an Israeli-American composer, multi-instrumentalist, and a music therapist. He was born in Israel and grew up in an Air Force base in the valley of Jezreel, where the sounds of combat aircrafts taking off the ground, and the sights of fertile plains, have influenced his curiosity with both humankind and nature. This curiosity developed into an evolving force of expression that found its way into music. He studied for a Bachelor of Music at the Jerusalem Academy for Music, where he majored in saxophone jazz performance. Over time, he developed an identity as a soloist that fluidly plays different styles of jazz, folk, rock, and Balkan music. He has performed, recorded, and collaborated with various bands in Israel, Europe, and the United States. Tal’s curiosity for music, human beings, relationships and psychology has driven him to pursue an M.A. in music therapy from Bar-Ilan University, and a post graduate training at NYU. He lives in Brooklyn with his partner and daughter, and works at a school for children with autism in Manhattan. He released three albums as a composer: Air Portrait (2008), Basar Ve’Dam (Flesh and Blood, 2011), and Under Contractions (2014). Tal was a LABA fellow at the 14th Street Y in 2017-2018, and he is a member of the Asylum Arts artist network.


Interested in hosting one of these fabulous salons? Please contact Moshe Samuels.


This event is in collaboration with the American-Israeli Culture Foundation (AICF).