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The Five “W”s of Prayer: Who/What/When/Where/Why

Prayer shawl. Photo: Oren HayonMondays through November 5 | 7:00-8:00PM | Community House

Whether you have a committed prayer practice, find yourself lost in the siddur, or consider yourself somewhere in between, join Rabbinic Fellow Abi Weber for this five-part series as we explore the five W’s of prayer. Why do we pray? What are the components of prayer? When do we pray? Where do we pray? To whom do we pray? God? Ourselves? The community? By delving into ancient texts and contemporary conversations looking at the large theological questions of prayer, as well as its everyday practicalities, we will gain a deeper understanding of this Jewish spiritual practice. Each class will stand alone, so new participants are always welcome. 

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Monday, October 8: Why? An exploration of the origins of tefillah.

Monday, October 15: What? An overview of the building blocks of Jewish services.

Monday, October 22: When? A look at the history of and meaning behind scheduled prayer times in Judaism and other religions.

Monday, October 29: Wher? Does prayer location matter? A look at how prayer spaces developed and how we can make the best use of space for our spiritual experiences.

Monday, November 5: Who?  Who, if anyone, receives our prayer? How do we know if someone is listening, and does it matter?  A discussion of the theology of prayer.