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Israeli Book Club

Monday, June 3 | 7:00-8:30PM | Middle Room

BJ’s Israeli Book Club is more than just your typical reading group—it is an intimate encounter with Israeli culture, society, and politics. Join us for a good read and nuanced conversation that will help you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of contemporary Israeli issues.

About Moving On From Bliss

Dana, a single mother, and Mounir, a young Palestinian from Nablus, meet in a restaurant in a shabby Tel Aviv neighborhood where they both work. A warm father-daughter relationship grows between Mounir, who is gay, and Dana’s little girl Natalie. When Mounir travels to Canada for medical treatment and decides to live there, Dana follows him, leaves Natalie with him, and returns to Israel. Mounir and his partner bring Natalie up, and an unusual family is formed.

Joumana, an Arab doctor living in Tel Aviv with her Jewish partner, leaves the city when her father dies, and goes back to her parents’ home in Umm al-Fahm. Once again she confronts what made her leave her conservative family—not only her desire to study, but also her sexual identity. Her father’s death frees her from his tyranny and heals her relationship with her mother, her sisters, and elder brother.

A girl who is estranged from her strict, taciturn mother falls in love with Oshri, a neighbor, and decides to move in with her. In Oshri’s home she finds an alternative family, and in Oshri’s mother a loving substitute for her own.

Jewish Adele is attracted to Tahrir, an Arab girl and the daughter of a well-known crime family, who lives near her in Jaffa. The forbidden, the alien, and the dangerous all become more familiar in this and other stories in this collection.

Amit depicts gays, lesbians, Arabs, and other marginalized characters. There is much courage and talent in this book—the courage to take on big subjects, and the talent to write about them in an original way.

A translated file of this book will be distributed to book club members. 


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June 3:
Moving On From Bliss

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