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Why Write a Memoir, Even if Nobody Will Read It

Sunday, January 28 | 11:00AM-1:00PM | BJ Reception Room

Have you ever wanted to write your life story but find the prospect daunting?

Join us for brunch with authors Susan Charney and Mindy Lewis as they discuss the challenges, process, and rewards of writing a memoir and share their personal techniques for overcoming that little voice that says, “Who cares about my life story? I’m not a real writer!” or that all-time favorite, “I don’t remember!” There may be many reasons not to write, but they don’t hold up to the solid rewards of taking that leap, whether for yourself, as a legacy for your loved ones, or as a contribution to history.

The cost, including brunch, is $15 for BJ members/ $18 for non-members.

Registration is essential so we can cater accordingly. Registration closes 12:00 noon, Friday January 26.

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Susan Charney, CSW, is a clinical social worker, a psychoanalyst and Gallery Educator at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. She recently published her memoir Out of the Coal Bin: Memories of a Hidden Child. While she was motivated by the need to recall and tell her story, turning it into words and chapters of a book was daunting. She will talk about her experience of overcoming writing blocks, reconstructing memories, and the unexpected benefits of writing a memoir.
Mindy Lewis, author of Life Inside: A Memoir, has been teaching the art of memoir writing for 14 years and is Susan’s former teacher. She will share her experience of writing very personal, revealing memoir; address how to overcome fear and shame; and give techniques to get you started, develop and deepen your writing, and find creative ways to approach structure.