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Death Over Dinner – Jewish Edition for Zayin Adar

Wednesday, February 14 | 6:15PM | Frankel Hall
At this dinner we will engage in lively and uplifting conversations (really!), because talking about death helps us articulate and affirm who we are and what we ultimately care about. Using materials developed through the Death Over Dinner project, we will honor the work of our Hevra Kadisha (volunteers who provide support for mourners) with a celebratory dinner and exploration of Jewish and medical (and Jewish medical) perspectives on death, dying, and mourning. In our tradition, Zayin Adar (the 7th day of Adar) is the date assigned to the birth and death of Moses. The ninth annual Zayin Adar learning event is held in memory of Helen Radin, z”l.

Registration is required.

$15 / $36 (BJ members / Non-members); free for current Hevra Kadisha or What Matters volunteers.

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Some recommending media to consume prior to the dinner, if you are so inclined:

Read: Dying With Dignity and the Final Word on Her Life (In the book of Samuel, King Saul asked his armor-bearer to help him die mercifully. Jane Lotter writes her own raw and poignant obituary before using Washington’s Death With Dignity Act to die peacefully.)

Watch: Before I Lost My Hair (In this heartwrenching interpretation of the Psalm 90, Rachel Lopez Rosenberg reflects on her cancer treatments.)

Listen: The Town Where Everyone Talks About Death (In this community, talking about death is a comfortable conversation — neighbors kibbitz about who on the block hasn’t filled out their advance directive.)