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Being a Grandparent in a Jewish Family: A Three-Part Series

Wednesday, November 29, December 6, and January 10 | 7:00PM-9:15PM | Frankel Hall

Rabbi Adina Lewittes

Bonding over life stories, lessons, values, family time, holidays, and wisdom—practical, emotional and spiritual, the love between grandparents and grandchildren can be truly formative, extending its influence for generations to come.

If you are grandparent in a single-faith Jewish family or multi-faith/multi-heritage Jewish family, join us for this three-part series, led by Rabbi Adina Lewittes, as we explore the many layers of this important relationship through lectures, personal narrative, and workshops.

Living to see our children’s children has long been considered a supreme blessing in Jewish life and other cultures. But being a grandparent is more than just living to see that day. Our modern families present different challenges and opportunities for this unique relationship. How can we bridge the physical distance that spreads so many families apart and sustain emotional intimacy? How do we navigate the diverse religious values that often distinguish generations of a family? What is the best way for a Jewish grandparent to share Jewish tradition with grandchildren being raised in multifaith homes while respecting their children and children-in-law, and how can grandparents who are not Jewish participate in the communal life of their Jewish grandchildren?

Dr. Steven M. Cohen

The program will begin with an evening of text study and discussion on the images of grandparents in Jewish tradition, and the insights of social scientist and BJ member Dr. Steven M. Cohen into the impact of grandparents on Jewish family life. Next we’ll share an evening of facilitated small group sharing of personal narratives around being a grandparent, identifying achievements and struggles and areas where continued strategizing and skill-building can be valuable. Finally, we’ll gather for workshops that will address those very areas to emerge more informed, better-equipped and mindful of the sacred potential of the bonds grandparents share with their grandchildren to enrich one another’s lives as well as the families and communities in which they exist. Enjoy the camaraderie of other grandparents and the fellowship which will carry these conversations forward into future gatherings.

This program is designed as a series and we strongly encourage you to attend all three sessions.


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1 session: $181 session: $27
2 sessions: $302 sessions: $45
3 sessions: $363 sessions: $54


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