By Peggy Moss

If you had asked me several years ago how I prepared for the High Holy Days, there was not much I did or gave a great deal of thought to. But since I started going to BJ’s Morning Minyan in 2008, I realized how beautiful this process could be.

Whenever I hear the shofar being blown, from the first day of Elul through the holidays, chills run through my body. The sound of the shofar makes me stop and take in everything around me.  At that moment, I am reminded of what it is to be a Jew, and of what these days of Elul are leading up to.

I feel a unique closeness with my friends and other members of the BJ community, there at the minyan as we hear the shofar together. The experience continues to be part of me throughout the day. As the sound of the shofar echoes within me, I reflect on the past year—was I hurtful to someone, was I too harsh on myself; and I look ahead to the coming year—can I do more, can I be more compassionate to others and to myself, are there other challenges I can try to conquer?

In this chaotic and troubling world that we live in, the daily sound of the shofar makes me stop to breathe, reflect, and be thankful.

About Peggy Moss

Peggy Moss has been a BJ member for 17 years. She co-chairs the Minyan Committee and has been the gabbai of the Morning Minyan since 2010. When not at BJ, Peggy is a personal organizer and fitness instructor. She and her Maltese-terrier, Liam, live on the Upper West Side and do weekly pet therapy at a senior living facility.