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Kadima@BJ: Our new elective based Hebrew School Model

Kadima@BJ, our new elective-based Hebrew School model, has been successful and exciting for students this year. We have incorporated all that we learned last year and are excited to share that our new and improved Kadima@BJ model for next year will:

  • Reincorporate Hebrew into our elective model;
  • Place a new emphasis on tefillah (prayer) and spirituality, music, and community;
  • Incorporate modern pedagogic tools;
  • Honor our students’ desire for challenging and deep learning; and
  • Ensure that our students feel ownership and excitement over their Jewish learning and identify formation.

Registration is now open. You will find a link in your BJ Membership Renewal email, which will allow you to register for Kadima@BJ.

Please contact us with any questions:

Have a great summer! We look forward to seeing you on our first day of school, Monday, September 18.