About BJ

B’nai Jeshurun is a nonaffiliated Jewish synagogue community that strives to experience God’s presence by praying, studying, teaching, volunteering, celebrating, and caring for each other and our world. Our services are joyful, musical, socially progressive, and accessible, weaving together tradition with contemporary life.

We use a traditional prayerbook and we welcome Jews from every stream of Judaism. While we respect each person’s struggle to find his and her own level of observance, we are deeply committed to a core of halakhic behavior as the expression of our spiritual and moral values.

“At BJ, spiritual worship and meaningful rituals are combined with an increased sense of social and communal responsibility.”

— BJ Member

We build our kehillah kedosha—sacred community—with creativity and intention—kavannah—under the guidance of our rabbis, who reach into the wellsprings of Jewish wisdom to present a compelling and energizing vision. Drawing inspiration from the great teachers of our tradition, who embodied and articulated some of Judaism’s deepest and most cherished values, our rabbis strive to address the challenges of our time in the search for justice, understanding, and wholeness.

We believe that God empowers each person to change his or her individual reality—as well as the power of community to change the world. We believe that our lives are of consequence and that what we say and do matters.

We welcome you to study, pray, and serve with us.